This blog is describing a journey from 100% n00bness to 'I can mostly use Linux without crying'. And then to level 2 - as 'I am using Debian netinstall now and proud of it', and then to level 2.10 'I am using Slackware and I am not going to install slapt-get' ...
It is meant to help (or depress) those who do or want to do something similar.
The page contains
a) foul language, b) is written by not native english-speaker c) and expresses my opinions and experiences.
Numbered posts at the beginning of blog are timewise connected. Others can be taken separately.

This page is:
About wrestling with Linux: How it went and how it didn't; Contains hints; links, tips ... hell, even advice. Everything described here really happened and was tried out - IF not explicitly stated as hearsay;
This page is not:
- Customary tutorial, manual, common review, helpdesk.
Desktop: Installation, customizing, tweaking, some attempts of bugfixing - in the way that I happened to encounter those things. What I did. Why.
Topics touched minimally or not at all:
Soft: especially chat, IRC, media, programming.
Servers: networking, databases, LAMP etc - I am not high-flying.

Don't expect screenshots. I can't be bothered.

My victim of Linux is (as of February, 2014):
i5 3350P, H77 Pro4-M, 8Gb RAM, Nvidia 560GTX.
Before that, oldish AMD x2, 2800MHz, 2Gb RAM. Nvidia 560GTX.

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