SolusOS So-So, Mageia Evil

| SolusOS -  left for dead at summer/autumn 2014. RIP. |
First, I discovered that nostalgically gnome-2 distro SolusOS once again behaved very nicely in live environment.
But as a bad news I discovered that when installed (64bit), it hung on boot... It installed alright, no quirks, and then booted until to 3D hairy star, loaded there for ages, and hung. I got bored after 20 minutes. I really hope things go better with coming version 2.
Sure - might be this was the time to tweak boot parameters... 'nomodeset' or something. But I really do expect operational system which I am going to use, at least to boot without additional help.
Edit: 09.03.2013
Tried again with 32bit version of Solus (Xfce) and this time also installed grub (previously - no grub installed at all) to root.
And it booted! ... And started with freezing Cardapio-menu. Legacy Gnome-menu worked. After deleting Cardapios' launcher and adding it again to panel - it worked too. Several things were jerky and with lag. We'll see if it was only the first time thing (no, it wasn't - the menu-freeze occured with every boot). To cut it short - format it was.

I also installed brand-new Debian Sid distro named Vsido... also succesfully - my lucky day I suppose. It looks like there will be an overview of Vsido too. It had Xfce, Openbox and Fluxbox as sessions, without easy-life 'update-manager' type stuff. Definitely something new for me here. - Edit |

Then, feeling still lucky, I got an idea to install Mageia and see how it looks.

I downloaded DVD, downloaded mandriva-seed (unetbootin is marked as no-good in Mageia help), installed DVD to USB. Booted, no problem, nice GUI menu.
Click-click, up to 'Partitions'... The thing picked a good choice (I thought) by default: 'empty space' unallocated between my installations. Click next, and as a flash-by, I saw creation of partitions, then, as a flash-by, resizing microsoft windows partition...
Installing files already?! What?!
Cancel. Nothing is clickable. Remove USB.

Really, I checked installation-docs before installing, and 'partitioning' had A LOT more menus to come.
And even more 'really' - I sould have sticked with 'custom partitions' - the last choice in the list. I guess. I am quite sure I am NOT going to try install Mageia again and find out.

Booted to Winxp - to format the USB, and check out partitions: NTFS was intact, BUT my Xubuntu Linux had only root part remaining... Tried to recover, but those recoverable partitions already were NOT of my Xfce... So it went to 'Delete all to unallocated'.
And I started my fifth installation of Xubuntu. Which went OK and booted OK. I definitely have a bit unfriendly hardware-set for some Linuxes (according to fail-rate)... The configuration doesn't seem to be any problem for Ubuntus or Debians, though. Means, installable/bootable distros are eminently possible - to state an obvious...

... So, I spent Saturday tweaking Xfce to it's previous look. Not getting it stright away because I forgot to backup some changes. Like last theme-tweaks I had made. And I had to re-discover quite a lot of things to change here and there - because I hadn't bothered to write them down.
And one result of this unwanted happening is: I remade my after-install-list file. And next post will be that file, with some comments.

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