Puppy Slacko

What arouse my interest was - It's archaic looks (means Jwm), cluttered desktop (my desktops doesn't have a single icon), it's custom soft (package manager and pupcontrol), and it being slackware-based. I did 'full' install to my desktop machine. It was a mistake, and here comes why.

I wrote image with Unetbootin to USB and booted succesfully to live session. Boot was fast alright. I also liked orderly-looking colorful boot-text format :)
Puppy detected video, sound and net without any problems. Memory usage was approx 80Mb after installing Conky (means, very nicely tiny). Apps reacted fast.
'Desktop' looks indeed wonderfully horrible, as was expected from screenshots.
There are partitions' icons on desktop by default - 13 in my (desktop) case. Pure horror. When clicked/mounted, icon gets border and red cross at corner - which in Puppys' drive mounter app seems to indicate 'unmounted'. Something is not entirely right here.
There are whole bunch of icons in upper left corner - which make sense only when opening a menus is a difficult task.
Actions tend to be 'one-click springs it'.
Whole layout looks to be oriented to tablet-size touchscreen thingies.

Menus are seriously cluttered. Various kinds of settings seem to be all available in Pupcontrol... why to duplicate them in foot-long lists in menus?
Apps... Roxfiler is one of the quite useless file managers in my opinion (lacking devices and tabs), and urxvt-terminal doesn't impress also. Cutting it short - I would uninstall a lot of default apps.
Wanting to be positive, there is no whining about text editors (Geany and Leafpad).
There is that - I am using desktop machine, and Puppy is not a desktop distro.

Install to HDD failed. Installer couldn't find vmlinuz etc in it's root, nor could it show/find mounted iso. But when I gave it a second try, it claimed that Puppy already exists... do you want to upgrade. Well, why not. And the thing found it's files somewhere and installed like lighting. Mighty odd.
My Grub2 master bootloader marked Puppy as 'unknown linux'. Funny.

Pupcontrol is nice thing. Really everything together. IF it also works all the way - I do not know. I didn't bother to click through everything. But I liked its looks better than many other control centers.

Puppy package manager. A disappointment.
- The thing doesn't remember most of settings, nor the size of window (as some other apps too). And it's in Setup menu... ??
- it seemingly installed the same library from 3 different repos as 3 actual libraries.
- it didn't 'find' things.
- only thematic grouping of packages is... bad.
- when updating databases, 'any key'(no) does not work, only 'enter'(yes) works.
- most of those thousands of files one sees flashing by when updating, disappear somewhere - one does not see them in themes. Are they in cryptically named packages? Or not really available?
- There is no info about packages. You really don't know what the package is (one-liner is not real info), or where it got installed.
- window what appears when you click a package contains a lot useless text. Missing dependency list kinda disappears in it.
... and, never mind.

a) Puppy-vanilla is not for desktop computer.
b) ... and needs some polish.
c) it's fast and agile.
d) ... and surprisingly customizable. 

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