Slackware 14.0 64bit install - 3: More apps, some problems

Planned it to be a third-party package-managers post... Well, it isn't. I got slackpkg+ working - so I am not currently interested in other helpers. Also, as my playing with Slackware is educational undertaking, then I am kinda reluctant to turn Slack into another Salix.
So the following is more app-installs and description of various accompanying annoyances. Let's start with:

- slackpkg+ (and all installs are now with slackpkg+, if not said differently),  homepage and sourceforge files.
In my second try I downloaded it from slackbuilds, built and installed. There was 8 bit difference compared to dowloadable package. But never mind that, what's important - the thing worked. Next day I let it be upgraded with the same slackpkg+, and it still works... It's funny how Slackware teaches to be happy when absolutely trivial things actually work :)
I played around with adding and removing mirrors, changing their positions in repo list, and so on. Drove me almost nuts... I ended up with no salix on list (their repo is missing md5 check - and slackpkg doesn't like that at all), and 'upgraded' most of my salix pacakages to others like alien bob or slacky. Which caused me quite a lot of greaf.
And which also means I have to blacklist some salix-packages - to avoid them to be upgraded or continuously whined-over by upgrade-all. First ones in blacklist are:
- Openbox and obconf. After 'upgrade' to slacky versions I lost all icons in openbox menu. I discovered that after some other installs and so wasted 1,5 hours with searching wrong leads... Installing salix versions back fixed the problem. Seems it had something to do with slacky (and alien bob) packages not referencing to imlib2
- conky 'upgraded' to slacky. After that it refused to start - missing liblua and libtolua. Both were installable, though. Then, at some point, I removed audacious and bloody conky had a new problem - it missed libaudcore.
So I had to reinstall audacious. I have to say that this made me a bit angry.
Edit | Recently, the bloody moron (slackpkg+) suggested lua 'upgrade' to alienbob... conky got broken again. As slackpkg also refused to install slackys' lua package, I had to download it and installpkg. Then conky worked again.
Some philosophy here:
a) I am not sure anymore that slackpkg+ is worth the hassle. It seems bloody easier to get your stuff yourself - and you know what you have downloaded and you upgrade when you want.
b) Occasionally it seems easier to compile than to use binaries. It goes for contributed packages, and also for some 'officials'. |
- dotnew sf:salix64. Definitely better tool to fix new configs than slackpkg one.
- gksu sf:chess, depends on libgksu s:slacky and on libgtop sf:salix64. It still refused to run and as appeared, it has somewhat oldish (two years at least) configuration bug. To fix it, do:
mkdir /usr/lib/libgksu
ln -s /usr/lib64/libgksu/gksu-run-helper /usr/lib/libgksu/gksu-run-helper

For me it fixed it. But I saw one case in web where this didn't help...
- google-droid-fonts, kikinovak.
- murrine engine from sbo.
- gparted, slacky - needs gtkmm (which I already had because of nitrogen install).
- fsarchiver from sbo, no deps.
- mplayer codecs, kikinovak.
- mplayer. There I had a bit confusion - slackpkg didn't show it in Slackware repo, but slakfinder claimed it to be 'official'. So I installed it from sf:official. And uninstalled vanilla phonon-mplayer. I hate GUIs that look like shittily designed car dashboards.
- smplayer from kikinovak.
- abiword 2.8.6, slacky - needs wv - slacky, AND despite sbo saying 'optional' - libgoffice is needed - slacky.

-- gdm: Tweaking flower-pr0n off. Two important places:
/etc/gdm/custom.conf and /usr/share/gdm/themes
Since I installed Salix gdm-package then there was quite a few themes to tweak. I took one, copied it, swapped all pngs, tweaked .desktop and .xml to match filenames, tweaked .xml a bit more for login-menu position... Done.
Then ran: 'gdmsetup' and picked this and that.
Logout and ... what the hell is this? The look was complitely different of what I expected. It wasn't even my theme... Back to openbox, gdmsetup - and it appeared that the moron leaves all checked themes checked, and shows the first one on list. You have to uncheck others and specifically choose 'show selected only' option.
Otherways, everything worked fine and my login-screen now looks great.

Also, most of tweaking and installing is done now. Just some more experimenting (bashrc, rc.d ...) and then I start to play with other Slackwares' window managers.

Some more useless philosophical musings - a) Slackware is probably quite great if you don't poke it. b) It's quite annoying when you do. And takes a shitload of time.
It's definitely a distro not fit for casual user.
Despite that I find it ...errr... intellectually stimulating with its complicated ways, I guess that slapt-get way is better. It really saves a lot of time and annoyances.
See also: part 1, part 2.

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