Filezilla install, Slackware 14

I am not sure if the following experience is not caused by my not-100%-slack-install, BUT I tend to think that no.
I started with, and Kikinovaks' 64bit Filezilla package (no dependecies notified). It refused to install.
I decided to go stright for sbo and compile my own (sbo also had latest 3.7.3 version). One dependency - wxPython - was listed.
It dind't  compile.
To cut it short, needed are (all installed with slackpkg+, and from 'slacky' repo): wxPython, wxWidgets, wxGTK, libmspack.
Then it compiled OK, and works also OK.
Hopefully it saves you this hour I spent.

And to blab a bit more:
- Openbox 3.5.2 doesn't want to compile in Slackware 14. Probably pango libraries are oldish. Seems that waiting for Slack 14.1 is a wise move.
Edit | And it did compile in 14.1 ... I still haven't tried to install, though... (3 days later) - Now I have, and it works totally alright. |
- Week ago Spacefm had a new version - 0.9 which has a lot of improvements. If your previous install was with spacefms' installer, then upgrade is easy-peasy - download 0.9 installer and run it. That's it.

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