Tip-heap, tweak-pile

Collected chaotic scraps and bits from dealings with Debian Sid - Vsido
Things not worth to blow into full post, but which can take (and took) unholy amount of time to dig out from crap-piles of Web.

# Spacefm uses icons from your current theme - and those doesn't have to be 100% of your liking. Icons can be changed through .config/spacefm/session file. It's a bit of detective work but doable (only icon name has to be used, as it is; no pngs, no addressing). NB! when saving your changed file, Spacefm has to be closed - or else it overwrites your changes (when you close it). To use different icons in groups doesn't seem to be possible - currently at least. But keep your eye on Igurus' doings anyway, development goes on.

# Tint2 - kinda shows workspaces... means it divides taskpanel to equal workspace-areas. I find it unconvinient. Thankfully there is pre-defined (Openbox) mouse-scroll-over-desktop for switching. At the same time - NB! I haven't tried it - I am quite sure it's possible to create launcher with xdotool exec with workspace-switcher keybind (same way as this here is done).
- Tasks - what I find marvelous is that task tabs are resizable (and colorable). Also, when using icon + text then the text will be broken to 2 lines AND resized to fit. Entirely cute!
- All in all - Tint2 seems to me optimal for OB. I tried some others and found them less fitting ..., but do check: fbpanel, lxpanel, xfce-panel, pypanel - to mention some.

# Conky - needs apps for getting temps and things: hddtemp and lm-sensors at least. Read wiki.
When you use OB super+d (show/hide desktop) and your Conky disappears (and you hate that), then change in .conkyrc:  own_window_type normal to
own_window_type override.

# Debian menu - the package 'menu', creates menu from all installed things. Can be inserted (IS inserted in fresh OB install) to OB menu. This <menu id="/Debian" /> has to be between menu start and end tags in menu.xml. And it has to be addressed in rc.xml: /var/lib/openbox/debian-menu.xml (just before the line of menu.xml). update-menus forces it to refresh. Debian menu is good source for building your new OB menu. Which will be refreshed by openbox --reconfigure, by the way.

# smxi etc - super scripts for easy-upgrading. Just to mention again: this funny colorful text that runs by HAS TO BE READ, or else quite horrid surprises might happen.
smxi and sgfxi auto-update every time you run them, inxi - the systeminfo one - needs to be updated manually: inxi -U.

# .bashrc has lines to define how title text of terminal window appears: xterm*|rxvt*)
PS1="\[\e]0;${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\u@\h: \w\a\]$PS1"

In my single-user machine I found default myname@mymachine part totally obstructing and silly (especially when minimized to taskbar). So I removed it - you just need to delete those 6 symbols in PS1 line \u@\h:

# Unavoidable CLI - few basics only, but at least in one place:
# devices list
sudo fdisk -l

# check what definitions iptables have
sudo iptables -L

# install the deb pack you downloaded
sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb 

#update and upgrade everything
sudo apt-get update
 # want to check versions? 
 sudo apt-get install apt-show-versions
 sudo apt-show-versions -u 
# Install all updates
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
 # and clean it up
 sudo apt-get clean
 sudo apt-get autoclean 
 sudo apt-get autoremove

# hate some packages? delete their confs too?
sudo apt-get remove --purge hatedpackage

# wanna see some info of installed package?
sudo apt-cache policy packagename

# open console and start other session in parallel
#C+A+F1 to F6 opens console. 
# C+A+F7 to F12 shows sessions. F7 is first and current.
# (use startx or xinit = the same result)
# Openbox to C+A+F8 
startx openbox-session -- :1 
# Fluxbox to F9
xinit startfluxbox -- :2
# Xfce to F10
xinit startxfce4 -- :3 

# Security - read this EPIC work here. Quite educational.

# Fluxbox. Last downloaded Vsido ISO had Fluxbox as a default session. Also, there was pronounced 'I-love-fluxbox-even-more-than-you'-party going on in Vsido forum. That was kinda funny alright.
Now, the thing is not bad at all, easy to setup and such. It's simply that I personally haven't found yet how it's better than Openbox. So I don't use it (after initial play-around).
So, just to blab something:
- to start FB session from console, the magic word is startfluxbox.
- I got an impression that FB windows are resizable only by (bottom) handles, which I find restricting. I might be mistaken, of course.
- There is a file .fluxbox/overlay. Style parameters written there overcome everything what fluxbox themes have. An option to have certain things defined like default. So it's good to know about it - especially when puzzling over 'why the shit in theme doen't change when I bloody change it'.
- When using Spacefm as a file manager, I found it convenient to use it also as a desktop manager - in 'startup' file add ( spacefm --desktop ) &
Then Spacefm can start your wallpaper (and so replace Feh or Nitrogen) ... and if desktop icons are your 'thing' then you can add them too.

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