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Yes, something frivolous... And NO - NO STEAM games here, never.
But about installing free natural-linux games in Slackware 14.1 (64bit).
SBO = (buildscripts+source=compile)
SF = (ready binaries=install)

# Battle of Wesnoth - can be easily installed from SF, Salix. There is also option to compile it from SBO, and tuning the build specifically.
deps: It might need lua (according to SBO, but not according to SF). I had lua installed previously, so I don't know.
- Wesnoth is 'turn-based tactical strategy game'. See here for more in-depth info.
Nothing more to say - I haven't played it yet.

# Tales of Maj'Eyal - Not so easy install at all. Has to be compiled from SBO, and has a bunch of deps: premake - SBO (deps: lua), OpenAL - SF binary, SDL2 + SDL2_ttf + SDL2_image - all three from SBO.
SDL2_ttf gave me error about missing/wrong libGL. Fixed it in usr/lib64/ - changed obviously wrong libdir='/usr/lib' to libdir='/usr/lib64', and compile finished without further problems. ... I have no idea why it had such a wrong address in libdir...
- Maj'Eyal is 'roguelike RPG, featuring tactical turn-based combat and advanced character building' - see here.
The game is quite enthralling, 'just one turn more' type. It's also not easy, and has various ways to die stupidly. For example: walking in sand-tunnels without digging worm ahead; lack of attention with bosses is often strightly fatal...

# Freeciv - Install is compile from SBO. No deps. Easy-peasy.
- Freeciv is 'a free turn-based multiplayer strategy game'. Has big and quite well-stocked site.
The game has several diffrent modes and mods, including civ1 and civ2. Default mode is not especially easy - certainly for those whos experience runs only in wimpy and feebleminded civ 4 and 5.
Anyway, confs are easily hackable - for example: nations' files reside in /usr/share/freeciv/nation; and in /usr/share/freeciv/default one can find all general conf files. And they all are plain txt.
At the same time, creating a new nation - by tutorial - gave somehow buggy result...
The games' gui is not especially good and easily-usable, but as a civ-game - it's very OK.

# FreeDoom - SBO, and what you get are wads only, engine has to be get separately. And it would be mightily good, if there are old Dooms', or Heretics', or Hexens' original wads available - those are also playable with zdoom or gzdoom engines.
So, pick one of them...
gzdoom seems to be newer: SBO, deps - fmodapi.
zdoom - SBO, and has more deps - TiMidity++, fmodapi, p7zip.
- Doom is a shooter - or should I say The Shooter, at least for me it was first ever game played overnights with sysadmin and some developers (right, over 20 years ago).
Take a look here.

# Lips of Suna - Well, that installation took me some 5 hours of silly wandering around. The game has to be compiled as is, no slackbuild scripts here. For guidelines see here.
Basically, by default it installs to /home/xxx/ :
cd lipsofsuna-X-X-X
./waf configure
./waf install
Here are deps. All are available in SBO, thank god. Ogre compile, though, is long as shit.
Most entertaining was that 'lips...' didn't compile - with nicy orange-bold error. Let's cut it short and reveal my winning configure line:
LDFLAGS=-lboost_system ./waf configure --ogre-plugindir=/usr/lib64/OGRE
Part before 'configure' ensures compile, part after, that ./lipsofsuna also starts.
It bloody compiled, with one orange part (but not bold)... jeez. I am sure it wasn't worth of it. But I won the struggle! :)
- No idea what the game is about, but the word 'naked' in description got me.

# Summoning wars 5.6! - SBO. Pile of deps, for me it was - after previous games: freealut SF Slacky (deps: OpenAL), physfs SBO, CEGUI SBO, poco (deps: mysql-connector-c++, unixODBC, both SBO).
Tried to compile games' new ver.058... and no luck - cegui-084 compile crapped out with windowsy (irrelevant) message ... As this games' description hasn't any word 'naked' in it - I didn't see reason to spend more than an hour with this particular problem ... And stayed with old version - 056 - and readymade SlackBuild. CEGUI compile was slow like dead AND decomposed snail, almost like shitpile firefox ... poco was as bad - like bloody half an hour... physfs compile was short and nice. What a ... letdown..., for example ginormous gcc compiled only an hour in the same box...
a..n..d..I am already compiling sumwars! Lotsa green text! It even moves! err... slowly...! OHHHHH, it erred out, unbelievably, and for your convenience, last lines were:
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [sumwars] Error 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/sumwars.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2
| add next day| Fix was like that, in sumwars.SlackBuild:
-DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-lboost_system -ldl" \   # added here '-ldl'.
That was that, compile finished and game started...
- 'Summoning Wars is an role-playing game'.
As all time went for compile, not for play... Only thing I can say just now - games' graphics is horrible, as expected.

| ADD |
# Naev - SBO (deps: OpenAL), two source files, naev and ndata are needed. It compiled/started with no whining...
- Naev is a 2D space trading and combat game. 
Take a look, see...

# Dink Smallwood. (Flare, Baldur's Gate)
Those three are vague future plans. If they, or something else, materialize , I ADD.

All-in-all: Native Linux games mentioned here
- look like shit of various degree,
- play good IF they are out of pre-alpha (infrequent miracle!),
- and install mostly ... like shit.
I am sure that next year is Linux-Desktop Year. :)

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