Slackware + apps and stuff

I happened to look around for some new apps and so on... Found some and installed.
So it seems to be a good opportunity to flash MY list of apps, and blab a bit of some of them. This list, of course, is not a template for greater awareness and being godlike, but it might give some app-ideas... Like I found when peeking into other people choices ...
And here, some bollocks then:

## The patient: Slackware64 14.1, Nvidia 331.86 binary, Openbox. My Slack-install was not the 'full' one, but rather castrated - I left out everything possible... Including vim&family - which means that dotnew didn't want to compare anything (missing vimdiff). But never mind - new config files are for promptly deleting anyway.
Not-full install means that I might mention some things as 'new' that normally get installed automagically.
- Usage of my Linux(es): Educational playing-around, no serious work done, strictly desktop. No plan to use vi or emacs, no apache et al, not even ssh and ntp; no social bullshit and fraternizing (skype, chats and so on).
So - rather simple setup with net, writing and graphic tools, and occasionally test-stuff (for example, see my silly tour with linux games)

## Beginnings of apps:
-- I always use stright Nvidia binary (sh It blacklists nouveau, reboot, run it again, let it make conf for X. For n00bs: for every kernel or x-server upgrade - nvidia driver has to be recompiled!

-- nano is installed from ISO - so console is survivable without various vi-s;

-- slackpkg+ and sbotools - get package for the first one, and SlackBuild for the second beforehand, makes a little less fussing now.
Slackpkg+ is a wrapper for official slackpkg. It has the same tools, but it provides multi-repo capability. Ie, various ready-made packages can be retrieved from several repos (see As a bonus - playing around with slackpkg+ conf keeps you occupied for an hour, or more.
Sbotools is freebsd-like ports-script. It installs, removes and keeps account of your sbo packages. It also checks dependencies (provided those are notified in .info file). Means, makes life easier - a lot easier if install is of 8-10 depending sbo packages ...
Sbotools has .SlackBuild in and compiles easily, no deps.
Run sudo sboconf (all sbotools are sudo / su) first, change something - and you get /etc/sbotools/sbotools.conf file created. Now fill it according to wishes and documentation (man sbotools).
I find it smart to keep sbo tree (and distfiles) on different partition (not in default /usr/sbo) - the same goes for made packages.
sbosnap fetch, and off we go - sboinstall, sboupdate etc etc.
As a rule I check .SlackBuild file for compile flags - before I commit. I tend to change them flags occasionally. Means that in serious cases I also unpack source and check for all possible flags, run: ./configure --help .
NB! If using other partition - better mount it already in fstab with 'defaults' - to avoid that file manager (maybe) mounts it "safely" with 'noexec, nosuid' etc.

-- xdotool, wmctrl are helpers for certain things one can do in openbox menus.

-- xarchiver, xfce4-terminal, medit, spacefm+udevil, openbox (I want icons - dep: imlib2 and --enable-imlib2 \ in .SlackBuild too), obconf, tint2 (svn version, with launchers), conky (same with imlib2, but check .SlackBuild also for things you do not need - and '--disable'), compton, feh, gtk-nodoka-engine, various fonts, gksu.
There is no display manager and I startx (alias sx) from init 3.
As I copied all confs already earlier, my desktop is essentially finished.

## Second group, installs are already from terminal:
-- New kernel - if one feels like compiling one. The point - Slackwares' generic is really quite big and has very probably some useless stuff there. But, let's be honest - it doesn't matter - and whole compile-thing can be considered just a merry exercise of showing who is the boss.
Also do: lsmod and see if you have some pointless modules loaded (for example, I take down parallel-port, printer and some other things - either by blacklisting or in kernel).

-- firejail+firefox. "Firejail is a SUID security sandbox program..." - but take a look yourself, there is quite a lot of explaining available.

-- dotnew+meld+diffuse. No vim = no vimdiff. So I installed diffuse (sbo), and swapped every gvimdiff in /usr/bin/dotnew-gtk script to diffuse. Strange enough, it works.

-- mplayer+smplayer+volumeicon. The last one has to be ver .46 if staying with gtk-2, the later versions demand gtk-3.

-- qpdfviewer, FBReader, Geany. To mention - FBReader is nice lightweight epub and mobi reader. It remembers your last read page too.

## And, third - those things which come when really needed:
-- gparted, unetbootin, bleachbit, fslint, libreoffice, qbittorrent, galculator, gcolor2, calibre, convertlit, inkscape (gimp is in official ISO), sigil, clementine.

-- If slightly paranoid: rkhunter from sbo, and for quite nice simple tutorial looka here.
And others...

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