Tweaking JWM

Joe's page .
But see also Puppy and archwiki.

# JWM, install in Debian Sid, from repo, one file only.
Conf - one file only, copy /etc/jwm/systemjwmrc.conf to your home as ~/.jwmrc

# Tweak.
Jwm is definitely quite simple WM, but - surprisingly tweakable, at the same time.
For refresh - Jwm has nice 'restart' for you, almost only thing in menu that works out of the box. Yes,  menu building is manual. At the same time, Jwm seems quite lenient to syntax errors - just applying defaults, and not crashing (like Openbox).
All essential can be found on Joe's page. Start from this. Mostly, it's troublefree - read and apply. Mind, there are two distinctly separate parts for tweaking (with varying scope) - features and styles. Means some shuttling back and forth.

Some notes:
- Swallow lets you get some apps' (simple) output onto panel...
I inserted my narrow conky there, and it worked... errr.... It ate Jwms' clock (as conkys' positional command seems to overrule Jwms' efforts. AND!
CPU usage in idle went to 6-7%, which is scandalous. Seems that Jwm and swallowed conky are not best friends... So, I made panel shorter and planted my conky outside of it, to right bottom corner. Problem solved - usage dropped to normal 1-2%.
And that after previously startupping compton with:
compton --backend glx --vsync opengl-swc --paint-on-overlay --shadow-exclude "! name~=''" --config ~/.compton.conf
spacefm with '-d' and also feh for background.
Also, pleasant surprise was that my wallpaper-changer script worked under 'Desktop / Background /command'.
- Group: A lot of options here... but... Oh well, there are things like 'constrain', 'layer', 'nolist' - but see yourself (link one). For group classes, do xprop WM_CLASS and click then on window, and info will be in terminal.
- WindowStyle - border and title. Look also here.
Quite a lot is supported. Fonts etc can be regulated in separate cases, colors for fg and bg, the same for 'active / inactive' - good, I like playing with colors.
Tray items change active / inactive color-behaviour according to mouse-over - and that's because default FocusModel is 'sloppy', not 'click'.
- Keybinds - related to window, mostly, and as such, quite unexciting for me - mouse-oriented as I am.
- Mousebinds - nothing much of interest here.
- Menu - for unactive, there is no gradient. But, there is for active...
- Desktops. The usual... different is that a lot of them are there by default. This multitude can be culled by row (width) and column (height) numbers.

- Window start positions - maybe I missed it, but there doesn't seem to be that option. And that's a thing I would like to have.

Conclusion: Again - no, I am not going to convert, but I keep Jwm for futher playing and who knows... Taken as a panel Jwm is somehow more exciting than lxpanel. Made me feel that I can get more. Probably it's subjective - but also, Jwm feels to me graphically nicer and slicker than Fluxbox. It appears that quite a few of options are new with fresh Jwm v2.2. Keep up with the good work, Joe. And thanks, Puppy Slacko, for drawing my attention to Jwm.
A pleasant experience indeed.
Edit| I have to tone down my excitement: Did new netinstall Wheezy for my 4 year old son, and as I considered him a good test subject - installed Jwm.
Result: Jwm got half-transparent when compton came to play, and youtube flash crashed totally in every browser (strange that). So I swapped to Openbox - and everything was alright. I didn't bother to investigate deeply. Anyway - I will be wary next time. |edit

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