Crux 3.0 - 3: later problems

Crux, part 1 and 2.

So, after happyness of 'it's installed, yee' comes usual 'oh shitty, and this doesn't work too'. Means - there appeared more quirks, and some of them still unsolved.
The following is not only 'how to fix Crux', but also 'how to fix certain things in quite general way'.

Advice - good places to track deps and script-configs: and; BUT, do visit also LFS - as there you get not only deps lists but also explanations and advices. And lastly - apps' home. Last because a lot of those are without any sensible info, or filled with irrelevant drivel.

# GUI su or sudo (as it's annoying to have multitude of terminals hanging around for menu-started sudo apps).
-- First, I tried ktsuss. Made it from different sources, with different configs etc. But - if it wasn't stright segfault, then the thing simply failed with recognizing passwd.
-- Then I tried xdg-su. That worked alright from OB menus, sprouting xterm (after checking for all possible 'friendly' alternatives like kdesu, gksu ...). Xterm for that can be confed as small and in corner of screen. That is - if you have other terminal for normal work. But! - Spacefm doesn't start xdg-su. It looks like it has wrong '-c' parameter in source... As of now - I simply do not know what is good replacement parameter to recompile with. So, no satisfactory gui-sudo-solution yet.

# startup blah: couldn't mount (ext2,3) because of unsupported optional features - Put 'rootfstype=ext4' into your boot command and this message goes away.
# startup blah: Drivel about lvm. If you don't use it, uninstall lvm. I think it comes as dep for something... ie - I definitely didn't pick it...

# SHUTDOWN. I do not have PAM and *kits installed. My usual exit-py-script simply hung ... So I changed script to do shutdown in old way:
groupadd shutdown
In /etc/group , add user to shutdown group, in /etc/sudoers:
%shutdown ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/reboot  # and the same for /halt
-- if using bash script, make tiny file like this (and another for /halt):
    #! /bin/sh
    sudo /sbin/reboot $*

-- OR - If having some py-script:
Define: os.system("sudo /sbin/reboot") , and the same for /halt
It works alright - and looks especially nice after you add some colored 'echos' to rc.shutdown (and/or rc.multi). Which needs some 'shell-colors' resource-file in /etc ... 

# Windows partitions (ntfs-3g) - no write access:
Add your-user to group 'disk',
ln -sv ../bin/ntfs-3g /sbin/mount.ntfs
chmod -v 4755 /sbin/mount.ntfs

reboot (or logout/login) - and you can write.

# No man-pages displayed at all, but error: sh: most: command not found. Error executing formatting or display command...
-- First, (installed) man port-folder had no packages downloaded or made. At the same time, 'isinst' claimed it IS installed ...
I reinstalled man (-d -u) and packages appeared. Man for root started up - almost. Ie, with silly ESC chars hanging everywhere. After adding 'R' to 'man.conf' line:  
PAGER /usr/bin/less -isR
ROOT started to get clear and readable man-pages. But, for USER man remained with an 'error'.
Then, I installed libslang2 , and after that, 'most'...
Halleluya!! Suddenly I had sillily colorful man for a user working.
... What's odd - there is no colors for root. Seriously perplexed, me. How comes that the app behaves so cardinally differently for different users?
| edit: Well, I certainly had a heavy moment of idiocy - not getting that only problem was missing ' export PAGER="most" ' in roots' .bashrc |

# Spacefm and udevil: Udevil comes 'out-of-repo'. And it has problems with umounting... do for udevil: sudo chmod +s /usr/local/bin/udevil

# I still have startup error for terminus-console-font. No idea why.

# And some solved problems with apps:
-- gcolor2: needs patches (three!). I took them from SBO, patched, and the result compiled ok (no segfault as with vanilla).
-- gimp: problems with deps pkgfiles' URLs. Fixed them. AND there is missing udev machine-id, do:
sudo dbus-uuidgen --ensure
The same id-fix is needed for making qbittorrent!
-- fbreader: also needs a patch, then compiles ok.

Crux 3.1 will be released very soon. That means - I will format my Debian Sid (there will be NO systemd init in my box!) - and install new Crux to this partition. We'll see what gives, compared to 3.0...

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