Crux 3.1, install and so on

# Install is mostly the same as 3.0
- There were slight differences in installable apps - some of them important, see release notes. Also, see Handbook - surprisingly enough, it is corrected for new release (simply, such kind of care is not so common).
So, let's note here some diffrences from 3.0 install:
- fstab (but you still have to fill it out, mostly)
- kernel pre-made conf is more complite/generally-usable.
- network has been split to lo and net scripts, AND those files are already functional.

# Later stuff
. See this and this of Crux 3.0 - a lot went the same way.
What differs:
- prt-get sysup. One update was xorg-server. Dependency 'libepoxy' was not noted and compile failed (but I think it's already fixed). Also, after update xorg-server needs drivers reinstalled (I picked libevdev, evdev, vesa, libva and got X started ok).
- Kernel, as a cautionary tale: Despite I was very eagle-eyed when in kernels' make menuconfig, I still missed my sound driver somehow... doh.
So I thought that I create it as a module. Downloaded alsa-driver (and alsa firmware) packages for make&kmod ... and spent an hour with googling/fixing 'configure' (version.h in wrong folder). And then - it still erred (some ioctl stuff) when 'making'. Fuck. So I went and recompiled the kernel. Took me less than 5 minutes... One reboot, alsactl init and sound appeared. What a waste of time - but superbly educational. Maybe.
- dbus is not installed out of box. Now, I didn't have that problem in 3.0 - which might simply mean that I got it at early stages as dependency... Whatever - it needs to be installed now.
- xdotool. Used Pkgfile this time... and got libxdo also installed.
- man: This time, it worked for root OK, BUT, still not for user (error was different of 3.0). prt-get depinst most - and man started up, colors and all ... for a user, BUT not for root. Strange. | Missing export PAGER="most" in root .bashrc, nothing else :) |
- jdk - version in Pkgfile is wrong, fix it.
- gegl (for gimp), footprint mismatch = delete footprint. And Gimp installed without whining despite threatening text in readme. Check URL in Gimps' Pkgfile - at some point of time it is/was incorrect.
- qpdfview, qbittorrent. Neither could make package (bsdtar: *: Cannot stat: No such file or directory). I couldn't find any reasonable lead for fixing that... As I didn't have such a message with any other (NOT-QT) apps, I tend to guess that it had something to do with QT. But finally, I went for simple 'make' and they installed with no fuss.
- fbreader. Missing , ln -s from ver 16 helped.
About libpng - this new one craps pointless wrong-srgb warning messages to everywhere. Very bloody annoying.
- smplayer not recognising mplayer version-and-stuff. It started but didn't play a thing, no video, no audio. I reinstalled mplayer, installed docutils... did something ... and smplayer started to function. Oh good - but, I really don't know what that was about.

That's it for now. I'm sure there will be more. I haven't finished with apps, and I also have some unresolved errors... like 'cannot ioremap fb base' (nvidiafb) at startup...

All-in-all, I am a bit dissappointed - not sure if more in myself or in nature of Crux. Means, I hoped it goes easier second time around. It didn't.
Summary: My level of Linux plus Crux means that it will remain as my second distro after Slackware. I simply don't have multitude of hours to spade-work in google-piles. The perspective of continuous fixing of results of updates makes me ...depressed.
But - as I really like Cruxs' ideas and choices - it's a keeper without question.


Gerard Lally said...

I also use Crux and Slackware, and, from the BSD stables, NetBSD. I had no trouble with Crux 3.1 at all, but I have kept it clean and simple, with just Fvwm as window manager. For the full-fat desktop I use Slackware. For a really nice, minimalist GNU/Linux, Crux. Piling heaps of desktop software onto Crux spoils it for me.

For a really secure, fast, cleverly-engineered BSD, I use the no-fuss NetBSD. The icing on the cake? Install Crux and Slackware to bare metal (LVM or partitions) and run them as paravirtualized Xen guests under a NetBSD dom0. Now that setup is sweet. And blazingly fast!

Anyway, nice to meet a kindred spirit online!

Best regards,

Gerard Lally

Player with Linux said...

The same about 'a kindred spirit'.
You are right about Crux+bloat - it leads inevitably to over-complex (update)maintenance.
And that's why my main desktop also is Openboxed Slackware.
I also plan to try out Freebsd in - hopefully - not very far future. Though, I do not know a shit about xen... Well, one more thing to learn :)